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Weddings at Kandahar Lodge

Montana destination weddings of less than 100 guests

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     Kandahar Lodge is a perfect venue for small destination weddings (up to 100 guests). Overnight wedding guests receive a 15% discount. The Lobby is available for your wedding ceremony if you have overnight guests staying at Kandahar Lodge. Seating for some or all of the guests may be arranged and the traditional lobby furniture removed or rearranged for the event. There is about 800 square feet so depending on the number in attendance some guests may have to stand during the ceremony. You may decorate as much or as little as you want. The cost for the use of the Lobby is $1200. The east side of the Lobby that functions as the continental breakfast area for guest can be used as a dance floor with a DJ or musician positioned on the landing above. Use of this space is included in the Lobby fee.

     For larger weddings, Kandahar Lodge is a great lodging choice. The lovely lobby, large outdoor hot tub and luxurious rooms provide a place to stay, gather and get to know one another. This is a particularly perfect option when you plan to have your wedding at Whitefish Mountain Resort.

Kandahar is open the first week of December to the first week of April (ski season) and June 1 through September 30. In the spring and fall, Kandahar will open for a prearranged group of 20 or more staying overnight. The Lodge is then all your's.

For information about wedding vendors in the area visit www.mymontanawedding.com