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Weddings held at Kandahar Lodge

Comments from couples who had their weddings at Kandahar:


Planning a wedding seems like a daunting challenge. In fact, most Brides and Grooms shudder at the thought of trying to create the “perfect day.” For us, I must say we felt the exact same way when we began our wedding preparations. Since both my fiancé’s and my family lived out of state, we wanted to have our wedding become one of those amazing destinations weddings. The problem was finding a place that incorporated everything. Of course we wanted to go to a beautiful resort that had all of the amenities and also served amazing food. We figured since most of our guests were traveling over 2,000 miles for a wedding, they needed to be pampered and to enjoy every moment.

Luckily during our search for the perfect place, we found the Kandahar Lodge. From the moment we first saw the Kandahar Lodge, we knew it was precisely what we wanted. The lodge itself is simply gorgeous. Everything about the building is wonderful. It is kept in immaculate condition, even in the winter. The foyer, the seating area and the bar make a fantastic place for your guests to mingle and enjoy a cocktail. The rooms themselves are tremendous. Even the outside of the building is magnificent. In the summer, the flowers are utterly beautiful. The best word to describe them is wow!

The food is truly indescribable. Not only do the Chef and his staff work with you directly, they are willing to create your vision for your meal. All I have to say is that after the meal; our guests kept telling us that that was the best meal they had ever had. Believe me, this is not your typical wedding food. It is gourmet!

What truly was the selling point for Marty and I was the staff at the Kandahar Lodge. They were so courteous and professional. These are the kind-of people you can trust when planning your “perfect day.” Not only did they work hard, they performed to a level that was above outstanding. Whether it was scheduling rooms, providing information to our guests about the local area or just willing to listen to a relative that is a little pushy, they were willing to do anything to make our wedding spectacular. The best part about it is that they did. They made it perfect.

~~Kandahar Lodge is simply the “perfect” for your “perfect day.”~~



Dear Mr. Lockwood,

We are Dan and Jamie Lachman. We stayed at the Kandahar from September 29th-October 4th. We were also the ones that got married.

We just wanted to let you know that we had an excellent time at the Kandahar. The service we were given by all of your staff was outstanding. Every one of our guests (about 37 of us total) was amazed and impressed. We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you and your staff did. You all have made our stay at the Kandahar both memorable and rewarding.

We would also like the thank Andy Blanton for an excellent dinner that he prepared for us for our reception. Everyone is still talking about it. My aunt, who lives in Polson, has told everyone she has talked to since the wedding. My mother had heard he was the best on the mountain…and he definitely proved that on Saturday. His staff was excellent also. They were always helpful.

We wanted to thank you for the excellent service we received from you, your staff and at the Café Kandahar. We appreciate everything that was done for us. Dan is already talking about when we will return to the Kandahar.

Thanks again.

Jamie and Dan Lachman